Verizon Helps S.E. Asia but Bans Europe and China

January 24, 2005
January 24, 2005 -- (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Verizon has contributed a total of $100,000 to Save the Children and Mercy Corps on behalf of the company's retirees who have responded generously to relief efforts to aid the victims of the deadly tsunami. Company donations, which include the Verizon Foundation's 2-to-1 match of contributions from active employees, now total more than $3 million.

Just don’t try to email them a thank-you note about it. At least not from China, Europe, or New Zealand. Since 22 December, mail servers at have been configured to reject connections from Europe and other parts of the world including China and New Zealand by default.

One user reported that even email from the British government was rejected as spam!

Philadelphia law firm Kohn, Swift & Graf, P.C. filed a class action suit this week against Verizon on behalf of a DSL subscriber in a civil case that seeks class action status.

Let's just hope that India, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia remain off the spam list long enough to say thanks.

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