Verizon's Dynamic Optical Network Takes Global Honor

June 20, 2009
June 20, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Verizon and network infrastructure supplier Tellabs have been awarded a prestigious Global Telecoms Business magazine Innovation Award for their efforts in developing Verizon's domestic Dynamic Optical Network.

Verizon's network design combined several transport and switching network layers into a single platform that simplifies Verizon's opportunities to rapidly and simply deploy new services on the network.

A key element of the network is the Tellabs ® 7100 Optical Transport System, which enables reductions in service activation times and a 50 percent reduction in power consumption.

The Wavelength Selectable Switch ROADM technology by Tellabs was credited in the award material for creating a solid optical foundation for Verizon to support 2.5G, 10G, 40G, and eventually 100G, transport on a single architecture, simply by plugging in cards. Initially deployed for Verizon's FiOS fiber-to-the-premises triple-play network rollout, the Tellabs 7100 system-based network has been expanded to carry additional Verizon services.

"A tremendous amount of thought went into the design of our Dynamic Optical Network as we worked hard over a three-year period to make it as efficient and powerful as possible right from the start," said Ihab Tarazi, vice president of network planning for Verizon, who accepted the award. "This technology enables our converged access strategy to support consumer, wholesale and Verizon Business enterprise and government customers on a single platform. The Tellabs equipment was built to achieve our targets for the network, and Tellabs deserves recognition for working with us to create our network."

Verizon has deployed more than 1,700 Tellabs nodes to reap the benefits of Dynamic Optical Networking across its entire footprint.

"In less than three years, we worked together to successfully deploy a dynamic optical network with six times the capacity and customer reach than previous technology deployed over a similar time period," said Vikram Saksena, executive vice president of Tellabs. "This award recognizes both this achievement, and the fantastic cost and energy savings enabled by this network - now and into the future."

The GTB Innovation Awards are designed to honor innovative projects involving telecoms operators and service providers around the world, in association with their vendors and suppliers.

The award was to be presented Tuesday night (June 16) in London as part of the Global Telecoms Business Innovation Summit where various network and engineering innovations and objectives were being discussed in addresses and panel presentations.

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