Virtual Internet Voted “Most Reliable Web Hosting Company” - April to September 2009

October 14, 2009
October 14, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Leading web hosting company Virtual Internet (VI) has been voted one of the Top 10 Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites worldwide by Netcraft. The award which is based on the response times of fifty leading hosting providers’ sites has been won by VI for six consecutive months, and in September 2009 VI beat its UK counterpart to win the most reliable hosting company site in the UK.

VI, launched in 1995, specializes in world-class managed hosting services at competitive prices. They boast of a rich clientele including The Open University, digitaluk, and the Royal Horticultural Society. We believe in delivering 110% to our customers said Martin Baker, VI’s Managing Director. We are particularly pleased that we’ve been voted “Most Reliable” by Netcraft, as providing an un-rivaled reliable service to our customers is what we stand for.

VI is also a part of the UK-2 Group and offers customers managed hosting, messaging and collaboration, and cloud hosting services.

About Virtual Internet

Virtual Internet ( is a leading internet service provider for high availability managed hosting products. Founded over 10 years ago, its philosophy has been to work with world-class technology providers to deliver the best hosting services available, focusing heavily on availability and performance of its hosted websites and applications.

About UK-2 Group

UK-2 Group ( is a large web hosting organization made up of over 10 web hosting companies such as,, and more. The group operates its services out of several states of the art, multi million pound data centers and is committed to providing reliable, secure and great value products and services underpinned with excellent support.

About Netcraft

Netcraft ( has one of the best pedigrees in security testing and network exploration of any company on the Internet. Netcraft has been providing network security services, including application testing, code reviews, and automated penetration testing since 1994. Additionally, Netcraft has explored the Internet providing research data and analysis on web servers, operating systems, hosting providers, ISPs, encrypted transactions, electronic commerce, scripting languages and content technologies on the Internet. This gives Netcraft a bird's eye view of what is happening on the Internet and direct access to nearly all of the world’s leading web technology organizations.

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