Virtualmin, Inc. Announces Release of Version 3.43 of Virtualmin Professional and Virtualmin GPL

July 21, 2007
July 21, 2007 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Virtualmin, Inc. ( has released Version 3.43 of Virtualmin Professional and Virtualmin GPL, it was announced recently. The company, a “systems management startup developing Open Source and commercial administration products for the web hosting industry,” has added a number of new features to its “next generation web server control panel”, which, it suggests, addresses “the needs of Web 2.0 developers and the web hosting providers who serve them”.

The new version of Virtualmin Professional offers new automated installation tools for popular Open Source web applications like SugarCRM and OpenAds, and provides updates to a number of Open Source solutions including WordPress, DokuWiki, and Simple Machines Forum. Virtualmin Professional provides “automatic installation for over 70 applications on top of the provided LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Perl) stack”.

"Installing a large web application like SugarCRM, and all of its dependencies, can be challenging and time-consuming for new users, particularly in a shared hosting environment," explained Virtualmin’s CEO, Mr. Joe Cooper. "Virtualmin Professional handles everything quickly and with no chance for error."

The release features include enhanced reseller options that include limits on the number of domains that can be created. The new alias server and email alias batch creation mode allows rapid creation of alias, or "parked" domains. Updated server status monitors provide information about POP3/IMAP service alongside existing monitors for web, email, name and database services. In addition, enhancements to the mobile access skin make it easier to manage servers via most mobile devices.

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