Vision Helpdesk Offers Free WHMCS Billing Software

January 4, 2010
January 4, 2010 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – providers of an affordable leading helpdesk Vision, Today announced their new partnership with WHMCS Ltd - A client-management and billing automation company.

“Now, Vision Helpdesk Ultimate monthly lease license plan comes with a Free WHMCS monthly lease billing software. At the cost of $29.99 per month you get a Vision Helpdesk software with unlimited Addon domains plus a Free WHMCS Billing Software. What could be better than that…? ” said a company release.

Company HR. Preeti Sharma said - “We use WHMCS billing software to manage our clients billing - It’s is a fantastic billing software. WHMCS - Leading billing software combined with the leading Vision Helpdesk software - customers can manage their billing and support activities with an ease. Vision Helpdesk integrates with WHMCS billing software to offer five different modules”.

- Per Ticket Billing (add billing notes, create invoice, track payment status from vision helpdesk)
- Login Integration (i.e. single login for both systems)
- Override WHMCS default support module with Vision Helpdesk.
- Fetch WHMCS fields (example - Client Package, Server Login, Status, etc...) in to Vision Helpdesk.
- Migrate Tickets from WHMCS to Vision Helpdesk.

“We continually bolster our plans to meet the ever-evolving requirements of online businesses, Offering WHMCS billing software free of cost along with Vision Helpdesk is another example of our commitment to provide excellent value to our customers”, said Sharma.

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