Visual Networks Helps Web Hosts Manage Large Media File Traffic

March 22, 2005
March 22, 2005 -(HOSTSEARCH.COM)- Network performance management company Visual Networks, today announced that it's helping enterprises optimize network performance by identifying authorized users who are utilizing bandwidth-intensive network resources for recreational purposes, such as streaming video or audio of college basketball tournaments with its Visual UpTime Select software.

"Understanding how network services are being utilized can be as important to IT managers as assuring service performance," said Dennis Drogseth, Vice President, Enterprise Management Associates. "Usage has tremendous contextual
relevance to service planning, troubleshooting and security. March Madness is one of those moments when real-time awareness of service utilization can
become especially critical -- and UpTime Select(TM) is well designed to identify those seasonal enthusiasts who are directly impacting network and
application performance."

UpTime Select identifies over-utilized circuits, monitors application usage and auto-discovers applications that are being utilized at every site in
the network, providing IT managers the critical visibility needed to properly manage and troubleshoot performance issues. The solution quickly pinpoints bandwidth hogs, those users that are responsible for excess bandwidth consumption, and the applications they are utilizing. Enterprises can thereby identify whether applications are business-critical, such as SAP or Siebel,
non-work-related, such as streaming video or music file sharing, or unauthorized, such as a virus.

"I enjoy March Madness just like most people, but our customers are telling us that on a daily basis, and particularly during March Madness, that
they must manage the network and application performance while being handicapped by the negative impacts of streaming audio and video from users at both headquarters locations and at remote sites," said Larry Baker, President
and CEO of Visual Networks. "Fortunately, UpTime Select can help them dramatically reduce negative impacts on performance by identifying and
isolating those individuals at sites across the enterprise who are unnecessarily taxing corporate resources."

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