Vonage Canada Selects Dedicated Web Hosting and Internet Infrastructure Solutions Provider Peer 1

November 11, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – It was announced yesterday that Vonage Canada has selected Dedicated web hosting and Internet infrastructure solutions provider Peer 1 (http://www.peer1.net) to provide Internet infrastructure support for its telephone over the Internet services to Canadian homes and businesses. Vonage Canada and its parent Vonage Holdings Corp. currently cater for 1,000,000 customers in North America. Vonage Canada has looked for an appropriate partner in a bid to expand its network and Peer 1 Network's scalability, service uptime and disaster recovery solutions were key to their choice.

"Vonage is widely recognized as a pioneer in the VoIP marketplace. We are pleased that Vonage Canada has recognized Peer 1's ability to meet their needs and scale future growth to provide their customers with the consistent reliability they require," said Geoff Hampson, president and chief executive officer of Peer 1. "Peer 1 holds a unique position in the Canadian Internet infrastructure landscape in terms of being able to provide Vonage Canada with industry-leading network performance and top-quality customer care combined with data center space and expandable network capability any time it is needed."

"The general public expects and demands high-quality, reliable telephone service. Service interruption is unacceptable," said Bill Rainey, president of Vonage Canada. "For that reason, we decided that Peer 1 Network offered the best Internet network performance as well as the infrastructure that would allow us to deliver a reliable, scalable service to our customers -- anytime and anywhere."

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