VPS, Dedicated Hosting and Hybrid Server Company WiredTree Announces Upgrades for All Services

April 3, 2013
VPS, Dedicated Hosting and Hybrid Server Company WiredTree Announces Upgrades for All Services
VPS, dedicated hosting and hybrid server company WiredTree has announced upgrades across all of its services. The Chicago, Illinois-based company will add services that include SSD caching and the current R1Soft backups, alongside Parallels platform optimization. The moves that should see customer website page loading times speed up through increased disk I/O (the rate at which data can be read and written by hardware storage devices).

When a visitor accesses a website pages, web applications, and databases are accessed from a storage device, or from data stored in a cache. WiredTree's upgrade has increased cache usage to increase the disk I/O rate. Customers now receive 120 GB of SSD (Solid State Drive) Caching space using Intel 520-series SSDs in lieu of Hard Disk Drives (HDDs). Unlike a hard disk, Solid State Drive storage has no moving parts and application processing and page loading speeds are therefore reduced. WiredTree's tests suggest an average decrease in page loading times of 36%. With less demands on hardware, WiredTree also suggests its hosting service will also be extremely reliable.

While most disk I/O activity is generated by users, processes such as backups also generate disk I/O demand. WiredTree has maximized the speed of backups by improving on Parallels Virtuozzo - the company's virtualization platform of choice. WiredTree worked with Parallels for almost two years to establish fast and efficient implementation for its clients. WiredTree customers now receive R1Soft V5 for all VPS hosting backups, allowing customers to continuously protect data while attaining the best possible server performance.

"Every year, we upgrade our VPS hosting and hybrid server clients to the latest technology," says Zac Cogswell, President of WiredTree. "Our annual Level Up guarantees our customers can take advantage of the most recent developments in the web hosting industry as they become available. Often, this means adding RAM and disk space across our hardware, but this year, we are not adding RAM or disk space to our plans. Instead, we have done what many considered impossible — made huge performance boosts to disk I/O for hosting services that are faster than ever before. Our tests have shown the incredible impact of SSD Caching alone." Uniquely," continued Mr. Cogswell, "our tests were conducted on live servers using live client websites, not synthetic benchmarks. When we talk about cutting page loading times in half, we can be confident our customers will see the same results. We have also been working on other ways to decrease I/O load to improve overall performance, including upgrades to our R1Soft backups and kernel-level improvements to our virtualization platform."

WiredTree is currently implementing upgrades to VPS hosting with hybrid server hosting to be upgraded immediately afterwards. Upgrades will be finished by mid-April 2013.

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