VPS Hosting Specifications Upgraded

September 10, 2009
September 10, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Customer service focused UK website hosting company 34SP.com has re-introduced its line of VPS hosting products. Virtual Private Server hosting or VPS hosting for short, is a mid-step between shared hosting and dedicated servers.

According to information released by the company, the new virtual server products will carry specifications that lead the VPS hosting market in the UK. The new plans were designed after months of comprehensive research into the competitive VPS products in the current UK marketplace. Virtual servers are often used in lieu of dedicated servers due to the close similarities between the two. Completely isolated operating environments, root level access, and the ability to load any operating system or software required by professional developers are characteristics of both VPS hosting and dedicated servers.

Daniel Foster, co-founder of 34SP.com explained the VPS hosting update process, ''Our systems engineering team has been hard at work creating a new architecture for our VPS accounts that yields more resources for each account without any increase in cost. Therefore, beginning immediately every VPS hosting account at 34SP.com will get even more disk space and bandwidth for no extra charge. It's a way of giving back to our clients for their commitment to the 34SP.com brand.''

34SP.com also revealed that demand for its VPS hosting products has grown exponentially over the past year as developers and designers discover the convenience and price advantages of virtual servers. The new storage specifications on the VPS hosting products range from 25 GB to 100 GB, while bandwith ranges from 500 GB to 1,000 GB. 34SP.com VPS hosting comes with a choice operating systems including: CentOS, Debian, Fedora Core, Suse and Ubuntu. Each VPS server is guaranteed a certain amount of the server's RAM at all times. In times of low server load, users are permitted to burst above this limit.

About 34SP.com

34SP.com offers professional website hosting services for cost conscious web developers and designers. The 34SP.com team of technical experts offers industry leading support and service coupled with a money back guarantee to ensure client satisfaction. Website hosting services offered include: UK domain names, VPS hosting and reseller web hosting. The company is headquartered in central Manchester, England.

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