Vyyo Introduces New 700 MHz Modem

February 28, 2005
February 28, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – ISP and telephony provider, Vyyo, today announced the introduction of their 700 MHz broadband wireless modem.

Vyyo's V284 modem, designed for simple home installation by consumers provides coverage inside homes more than three miles from the base station and more than 9 miles outdoors.

When used in conjunction with Vyyo's V3000 E1/T1 base stations or V2800 IP Broadband Hubs, the V284 modem provides broadband wireless data and VoIP services to residential and business customers over radii exceeding 20 miles.

"Our customers have been seeking products that will help them capitalize on the 700 MHz spectrum," said Michael Corwin, president and chief operating officer of Vyyo. "The self-installation capabilities and other features of the V284 will help 700 MHz license owners to expand their customer base, reduce their operating expenses, and provide unique services. We believe that there is extensive opportunity in the 700 MHz spectrum and we continue to support the band with a growing set of products such as the V290, our integrated outdoor 700 MHz/WiFi hotspot device."

It remains to be seen whether the modem will gain market penetration or not as BPL (broadband over power lines) and WiMax or WiFi expand.

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