Web-Based Tools Launched by Email Hosting Company

December 14, 2005
December 14, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Email hosting company, Webmail.us (http://www.webmail.us), has launched version 1.0 of its calendar and online task manager. Both services are available through its existing webmail interface and can be accessed from any Internet-capable computer. The new tools are entirely web based and do not require a software download or any form of software installation.

Webmail.us’ new tools have a range of features that include multiple calendar views (day, week, work week, weekend, and month) and alerts and email reminders. In addition users can view tasks and record which are completed or incomplete and store notes with each calendar event and task listing.

“As our customer base has grown, so too has the demand we have seen for web-based calendaring,” explained Pat Matthews, chief executive officer at Webmail.us, Inc. “More of our customers are relying on webmail to check email—now they’ll be able to track their appointments, events, and task lists, all from the same web interface.”

The new version 1.0 calendar and task list manager components have been designed using ‘Ajax’, a web development framework that eliminates the need to continual refresh pages and speeds up the browsing experience. “Our two main goals with the calendar and task list manager were speed and simplicity,” said Matthews. “We believe that most of our customers would prefer to use a web-based calendar over traditional desktop software as long as the interface is fast and easy to use.”

Webmail.us caters for over 13,000 businesses and has been in operation since 1999.

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