Web Content Management System DNN Announces DNN Evoq

July 20, 2013
Web Content Management System DNN Announces DNN Evoq
Open source Web Content Management System (CMS) DNN - still known to many as DotNetNuke - has announced the launch of DNN Evoq, a range of applications that allow companies to "create immersive online experiences and powerful interactive communities". DNN has also partnered with Microsoft and to make DNN Evoq available through Microsoft's Azure cloud platform.

DNN is one of the leading CMSs currently on the market. The launch of DNN Evoq means even people with limited website building experience are able to integrate social networking capabilities into their websites. The development is a response to the rapid expanse of social networks as marketing tools. With 4 billion Facebook posts a day and 200 million Twitter Tweets, social networks are increasingly key to corporate success. Adding social networking capabilities to corporate websites is now seen as essential.

DNN Evoq applications allow website owners to easily add social network functionality to their websites through a web-based management interface. These functions include allowing website owners to establish a community and allowing visitors to ask community members questions. Community members are also able to make recommendations on new products features.

DNN Evoq applications include Evoq Content which allows users to create, manage and update web- and mobile-based content. Evoq Social offers "social community capabilities" and enables users to integrate communities into corporate websites.

“With DNN Evoq, we’re giving businesses what their customers need: a single destination for content, community, feedback, support and interaction," explained DNN's CEO and President, Navin Nagiah. "Feature-rich yet easy to manage, DNN Evoq brings the best of what we’ve learned through 10 years of creating online experiences and managing a large user community and ecosystem," "DNN Evoq allows global companies to build and deploy content-rich social sites quickly, easily and reliably."

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