Web Development Company Hosting Competition to Find the Worst Business Web Site

December 23, 2005
December 23, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Intechnic Corporation, a Chicago-based web development company, is hosting a competition to find the worst business on the Internet. The prize associated with the illustrious title is a complete makeover worth $10,000. Nominations for the title of worst business web site are being taken until January 15, 2006 at the competition web site, www.xtreme-web site-makeover.com. Those submitting their web sites should write a short story explaining why they think it is the worst on the Internet. Visitors to the competition web site cast votes to establish the ‘winner’.

According to Intechnic, the purpose behind this light-hearted competition is a serious attempt to ‘raise awareness of the importance of having a well-designed customer-oriented web site’. “Most companies are committed to customer satisfaction, however, some of them aren’t even aware that problems exist on their web sites due to lack of contact with their customers,” explained Andrew Kucheriavy, CEO of Intechnic Corporation. “We’re giving companies the chance to see the experience from their customers’ perspective, and also giving people a way to provide constructive feedback about their online experiences. Now, Internet users can vote to determine which web sites really need to be improved, and this is valuable information for companies to have.”

In operation for nearly ten years, Intechnic has offices in the United States and Europe. The company specializes in web site design and development, web hosting, ecommerce, and online marketing.

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