Web Host 1-800-HOSTING Picks Floodguard

May 17, 2005
May 17, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Web hosting provider 1-800-HOSTING today claimed that they have found a network security solution that can almost totally negate the effects of a DDoS attack. 1-800-HOSTING is using netZentry’s FloodGuard network defense product to detect, track and mitigate attacks.

The system apparently learns what normal behavior is and then compares inside and outside network traffic to that model and uses it to determine whether any given traffic is authentic or an attack.

netZentry claims, “Detection accuracy is extremely high, reducing the number of false positives most IDS/IPS systems generate. With it, multimodal networks can protect endpoints with various traffic patterns easily. It detects, verifies, tracks and mitigates inside and outside attacks.”

"netZentry's FloodGuard technology has given us the power to effectively control and mitigate DDOS attacks in a more efficient manner than was previously available by using traditional reactive measures. Instead of allowing malicious traffic to enter our network, it is now filtered at our border with minimal to no interaction required on our part. We are now able to maintain 100% network availability during these attacks while also protecting our customers individually by tailoring the product to meet their specific needs," said Chris Shaffer, Director of Network Services for 1-800-HOSTING. "The architecture of the product will allow us to scale as we grow without incurring the high overhead costs associated with competing provider's solutions that were evaluated as part of our selection process. We look forward to including per customer reporting for clients to view via their online portal as well as integrating the solution with our ticketing system to better track problem resolution and customer notifications."

netZentry's FloodGuard Product works by learning network behavior. FloodGuard's CLT (Continuous Learning Technology) feature learns network traffic patterns at the individual endpoint level allowing organizations to protect every endpoint on the network. "We are pleased to have 1-800-HOSTING as a customer," said Elizabeth Perry, CEO. "They are a great company to work with and we look forward to protecting their fast growing network of customers."

Blocking out traffic that is abnormal sounds like a good solution but it begs the question, at what point does the network analyzer itself become overloaded?

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