Web Host 3FN Offers Free Data Transfer & Migration to Advanced Web Hosting

June 3, 2009
June 3, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – 3FN, web hosting and dedicated server hosting (http://www.3fn.net) provider, offers free data transfer, migration to advanced hosting solutions, free set-up and free transfer from existing host to minimize costs and maximize efficiency of quality web hosting solutions.

As IT business grows likely there is a need to switch to more advanced hosting features. There are no setup or transfer fees associated with 3FN dedicated server web hosting (http://www.3fn.net) accounts. All a customer needs is to decide which hosting plan suits their online presence best: dedicated server, shared hosting VPS, enhanced VPS or VPS hosting (http://vps.3fn.net) advanced. 3FN makes it fast, free, and easy to switch to more advanced dedicated hosting (http://www.3fn.net) solutions.

“We understand that transferring your website may appear to be a difficult prospect but we can assure you that it is a simple and smooth process when we help,” says Dean MacToner, official 3FN representative. “Transfer and move your existing website and data to your new hosting account at 3FN is free of charge, easy and completely risk free. Our experienced technicians will make sure your web site is moved quickly and professionally. We will take care of each step involved in moving your web site and will insure everything operates exactly as it should be on our host once the move is completed.”

It is important to make sure not only that all the content files are moved but also to make sure all scripts, links, forms, databases, shopping carts, etc. are error-free and updated for the new server with minimal to no interruption. We take careful and professional steps to ensure a smooth transfer.

There are many reasons why one may choose to transfer an existing website to a different web host or service provider. The price and quality of services offered remain to be the main reasons to the transfer. 3FN offers competitive prices backed by convenient add-ons for customizing and enhancing your web hosting plan. Our marketing team is there to monitor the pricing and services of other web hosting provides to make sure that we can give you a better option

3FN offers excellent technical support available 24/7 via live chat, tickets system, phone or email. As 3FN offers various hosting solutions it constantly adds new features and options to satisfy even the most demanding clients and their needs.

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