Web Host and Domain Name Provider GoDaddy Announces Launch of European Customer Care Center

November 5, 2014
Web Host and Domain Name Provider GoDaddy Announces Launch of European Customer Care Center
Web host and domain name provider GoDaddy has announced the launch of a new European customer care center. The center, which is located in Belfast, Northern Ireland, will provide "localized customer care" for GoDaddy's Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) customers. The new center has been established in Belfast because the area has a skilled customer care workforce with a range of language abilities. GoDaddy has partnered with high-value business services provider Concentrix Corporation to provide services in "23 European markets" and in "16 languages".

GoDaddy specializes in offering small businesses the tools they require to establish a viable Internet presence to boost their bottom line. The company manages 58 million domain names and caters to a global customer base of 12 million individuals and businesses of all sizes. The additional advantage of localized multilingual customer care will underpin GoDaddy's expansion policy, which has seen it establish a presence in a number of countries over recent years. With localized customer care, GoDaddy customers will be able to receive assistance in their local language using local phone numbers.

“At GoDaddy, we truly believe we can delight our growing customer base and that the ideal formula revolves around impeccable service,” explained Stefano Maruzzi, the Vice President Europe Middle East and Africa at GoDaddy. “Although millions of customers are using digital technology every day, explaining what GoDaddy’s services can offer customers, and how they can best be leveraged to extract more value, means users will become more productive and create new business opportunities. We learn on a daily basis, then we give this knowledge back to our customers in various forms.”

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