Web Host and Domain Name Provider GoDaddy Makes WordPress Websites Easier

October 31, 2019
Web Host and Domain Name Provider GoDaddy Makes WordPress Websites Easier
Web host and domain name provider GoDaddy has made creating WordPress websites easier by offering a range “industry-specific templates”. A globally-renowned provider, GoDaddy has headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, United States. With around 19 million customers, the company has a strong focus on localization and has teams in several countries offering support in local languages. GoDaddy specializes in offering smaller companies the tools they need to establish a web presence without the need for major development costs. The company was in the news earlier this month for a new partnership with WooCommerce that will allow its WordPress hosting customers to easily set up ecommerce websites.

GoDaddy has been offering managed WordPress solutions since 2014. WordPress is an Open Source solution that can be downloaded free of charge and used to set up simple websites like blogs or highly complex enterprise-grade sites with all the ‘bells and whistles’. As such, it fits GoDaddy’s overall business philosophy very well. To date, WordPress has been used to power around 25% of ALL websites on the Internet.

WordPress allows users to change the look and feel of a website using templates that can easily be added to a WordPress installation. Godaddy’s latest iteration of its WordPress Hosting simplifies access to around 10,000 themes and 50,000 plugins that change a site’s functionality. The update offers a “new workflow and setup experience” that makes setting up a site substantially easier than other services.

The new interface asks users questions and guides them to industry-specific templates and a set of tools that meet their website’s requirements. “GoDaddy WordPress Hosting also eases the SSL process by providing the automatic deployment and certification of SSL certificates,” explained a company press release.

"GoDaddy WordPress Hosting provides advanced flexibility to our customers,” explained GoDaddy’s Head of WordPress Gabe Mays. "While the templates assist in guided site development, customers still have the freedom to add personal content to create a professional, yet customized site with ease."

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