Web Host and Domain Name Provider GoDaddy Offers ‘Best-in-Class’ Customer Support for WordPress

July 28, 2017
Web Host and Domain Name Provider GoDaddy Offers ‘Best-in-Class’ Customer Support for WordPress
Web host and domain name provider GoDaddy Inc. (GoDaddy) is offering a new service that represents ‘best-in-class’ customer support for WordPress. GoDaddy has global headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, United States. Established in 1997, the company is recognized as a global hosting and domain name leader, with a strong focus on solutions for smaller companies that need a successful web presence. GoDaddy’s tools enable companies to design and create websites without the need to hire a developer. Its latest “premium support” is designed for smaller companies that need “round-the-clock access to expert developers, helping small businesses fix and optimize their WordPress sites”.

WordPress is an Open Source (OS) Content Management System (CMS) that underpins “28% of the internet”. Available as a free download, it can be used to develop websites of a wide range of complexity, including simple blogs and the most complex sites. As a result it is of course extremely popular for business websites. GoDaddy offers a “team of on-call WordPress developers” that offer ‘WP Premium Support’ on an ongoing basis (24x7). The service provides “unparalleled support” to help small businesses “fix, update and optimize their WordPress sites more quickly and conveniently than ever before”.

"Small businesses have better things to do than spending their time figuring out how to troubleshoot and implement WordPress fixes on their own,” explained founder of GoDaddy subsidiary WP Curve, Mr. Alex McClafferty. “Whether it's a plugin that stops working or a theme that needs updating, it's not a matter of "if" but "when" additional support will need to be called in. With WP Premium Support, we're providing peace of mind to small businesses whose WordPress websites can be kept up and running as they should be, with fixes expertly implemented, and fast."

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