Web Host and Domain Register GoDaddy Allows Pre-registration for 14 New Domain Names

December 13, 2013
Web Host and Domain Register GoDaddy Allows Pre-registration for 14 New Domain Names
Web host and domain register Go Daddy is allowing pre-registration for 14 new domain names -.estate, .photography, .ventures, .guru, .bike, .clothing, .gallery, .singles, .camera, .lighting, .plumbing, .equipment, .graphics and .holdings. The company, recognized as the largest domain name provider in the world, has made the move to give users "more opportunity to register memorable and relevant domain names".

Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) began the process to increase the number of domain name extensions in 2005. Registry Donuts, Inc. is managing the 14 new extensions that GoDaddy will enable customers to pre-register.

Pre-registration allows businesses and individuals a better chance of obtaining the domain names they require when the new extensions are formally released in early 2014. The variety of new domains available gives users the flexibility they need to find a domain name that can immediately identify their business or area of interest. GoDaddy will try to acquire pre-registered domain names from registries and domains that have been successfully pre-registered will automatically appear in customers' accounts. Domains that have been pre-registered by more than one applicant will go to auction. Full refunds minus application fees will be available to all GoDaddy customers if the company is not able to acquire a pre-registered domain.

"The new names give businesses an easy way to establish a credible and memorable identity," explained Mike McLaughlin, Vice President Domains at GoDaddy. "In order for small businesses to be successful, a strong online identity is a must. The new name options can help provide quick and easy context for a business. If you think about it, domain names are essentially 21st century real estate -- it is the online address given to customers, friends and family."

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