Web Host and Domain Registrar GoDaddy Announces Online Store Customers Can Now Charge Using Apple Pay

December 15, 2016
Web Host and Domain Registrar GoDaddy Announces Online Store Customers Can Now Charge Using Apple Pay
Web host and domain registrar GoDaddy Inc. (GoDaddy) has announced its online store customers can now charge using Apple Pay. GoDaddy, which has headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, United States, is recognized as the largest domain name provider in the world. It is also known as one of the world’s leading web hosts with a global presence and services that allow smaller and medium-sized companies to manage their own internet presence. The company has also announced other “enhancements” to its Online Store platform.

Apple Pay is Apple Inc.’s mobile payment and digital wallet offering that is available through iPhones and other mobile Apple devices. With Apple Pay integrated to GoDaddy’s Online Store platform, the company’s customers have another layer of convenience and safety for store visitors who can now complete fully encrypted purchases directly from their iPhones and without having to disclose credit card information. The enhancements further underscore the company’s commitment to mobile-friendly ecommerce services. As much as 60% of traffic on GoDaddy hosted websites comes from mobile devices. The company started implementing Apple Pay in October 2016 ,and those merchants who have been provided with Apple Pay services suggested “a 78% increase in online checkout conversion rates”.

"Mobile shopping is driving ecommerce activity,” explained GoDaddy’s Vice President of Commerce and Email Marketing, Greg Goldfarb. “Simplifying the consumer purchase experience with things like Apple Pay is a big advantage for small businesses. We've removed friction for buyers so they can just tap to pay and provided businesses with easier ways to reach customers with compelling content."

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