Web Host Apollo Hosting Announces New Reseller Hosting Program

September 30, 2005
September 30, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Web host Apollo Hosting has announced the introduction of a new level to their reseller hosting program which offers a set of pre-designed packages for resellers. Their new Discount Reseller program offers packages at discounted rates which resellers can price and market to meet their own requirements. The packages offer a range of resources that meet the most popular shared hosting requirements. The new programs can be set up quickly through a control panel which is easy to operate and accessible to people with limited hosting experience.

The introduction of the Discount Reseller program is designed to build on Apollo Hosting’s reseller customer base through a system that is attractive to people who might be wary of more complicated alternatives. Apollo Hosting's President Tamara Field explained, "Our current, Advanced Reseller program allows a great deal of flexibility. Resellers can design plans around their needs and desired pricing but require a more complex setup by the reseller. The Discount program addresses those who might feel like the Advanced Program is too complex for a beginner."

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