Web Host Apollo Hosting, Inc. Offers Stimulus Package

February 14, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web host Apollo Hosting, Inc. is offering a stimulus package for small businesses, it was reported recently. The company is trying to help the 2.6 million Americans who lost their jobs to budget cuts in 2008 make a fresh start online.”

"I keep hoping to hear some good news, but it keeps getting worse," suggested Tamara Field, owner of Apollo Hosting. "The unemployment rate is up, companies are struggling to survive, people are losing their homes, and many are looking for new answers to their money dilemmas. I know… sounds crazy… right now is an excellent time to start a new venture online."

According to the company, many consumers are “turning to the web for savings than ever before in an attempt to cut costs”. As a result, Apollo Hosting believes, the economic market is “ripe with opportunity for entrepreneurs to step out onto the web”. To help them, Apollo Hosting is waiving set-up fees on all new hosting during February. This includes VPS and dedicated hosting packages and savings are up to $100 dollars per account.

"Whether they are starting a nail salon, website design company, car detailing service, lawn mowing service, accounting service, dog grooming service, or anything in between, having a website marketing their service is very important," suggested Field. "The tools to easily setup a website are all there. Hopefully without any upfront costs, an individual who might not have been able to get started with their own website, now can."

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