Web Host AvaHost Offers Affiliate Program with Lifetime Commissions

January 27, 2009
January 27, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web host AvaHost, which bills itself as a “growing web hosting company”, has launched the "Lifetime Recurring Commissions" program, which allows its affiliates to earn 25% of a new client's payment “for the duration of that client's hosting account”.

AvaHost has moved away from its original web hosting affiliate program, which promised a single reward of $50 to $100 for each business which purchases an Avahost hosting plan, and now affiliates receive a “recurring commission, as long as the new client remains an active Avahost partner”. According to the company, those who choose to partner with Avahost will be supporting “a reliable member of the web hosting industry” that has “furnished support for websites since its founding in 2001”.
AvaHost hosts in The Planet’s data center in Houston, Texas USA. The data center has 100,000 square feet of web hosting space, and each features redundant UPS, generator backup and smoke detection/fire protection systems. The data center is under 24/7 camera surveillance and armed guard patrol. The Planet is connected to the Internet through 14 Gigabit Ethernet links from six separate backbone providers. As of May 2004, they are home to over 20,000 Windows and Linux web servers, which makes ThePlanet the world's largest dedicated web hosting provider.

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