Web Host Bacloud Takes Two Popular Services to the United States

November 30, 2018
Web Host Bacloud Takes Two Popular Services to the United States
Web host Bacloud has taken two of its most popular services to the United States. Bacloud, which has global headquarters in Šiauliai, Lithuania, was established in 2002. The company offers a range of hosting services including traditional shared hosting, dedicated servers, Windows and Linux Virtual Private Servers (VPS), SSL certificates and online backup. Each of these services is made available through the company’s data center, which it has owned since 2005.

Bacloud “moves beyond generic products” and prides itself on working to “integrate emerging technologies and provide easy-to-use solutions to help our customers”. The company’s strategy is to “become a key global player in the Virtual Private Server (VPS) market” and the company has now made its Linux and Windows KVM NVMe VPS hosting services available in Chicago.

VPS hosting gives users complete control over their hosting, but is not as costly as a dedicated server. Because of its cost-effectiveness, this type of hosting has seen significant growth over recent times. VPS hosting also allows users to scale resources based on demand, and this is particularly useful when catering for traffic spikes that might occur, for instance, during holiday seasons. Bacloud’s Non-Volatile Memory Express(NVMe) storage delivers “up to 6 times better performance compared with classic SSD disks, transmitting data at up to 30 Gbps”. As a result, the solution provides “capabilities to meet the very demanding and time-sensitive requirements of cloud computing”. All services are underpinned by a 30-day money back guarantee.

“Of course, we’re bringing with us our core principles, which govern everything we do, and which have helped us thrive for well over 10 years,” explained a company press release. “We consider our customers to be the important part of our business and provide reliable 24×7 support with guaranteed response times to help our customers solve any problems they may have in a timely manner”.

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