Web Host Broadjam Focuses on Niche as Host for Musicians

June 9, 2005
June 9, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - On one website it’s the “Band Blog,” on another it’s called “A Songwriter’s Journal.” Broadjam Inc, a leading music technology firm, today announced the addition of several major features to the company’s popular web hosting service for musicians, including the ability to customize all menu items, rename pages, hide pages and change the order in which they appear.

Using their own domain name, artists create powerful, professional web sites from a rich assortment of features now including News, Links, Guestbooks, Albums, Bios, Photos, and a Songs Page that can accommodate up to 250 songs. Other services include daily web stats, up to 25 email addresses, and an ever-expanding choice of templates and color palettes.

At only $19.95 per month, Broadjam’s Web Hosting service is an affordable way for independent musicians to enjoy the benefits of a fully functioning website while maintaining 24/7 control over its look, style, and content.

“I love the new templates, the Guestbook page, the Links page and choosing which pages to show and which ones to hide,” says songwriter Mary Cole, www.colegarrett.com. “We now have a color which makes our home page photo look good and the songs are inviting in their new set-up. Great features, and they give us more time to work on the music!”

Broadjam operates one of the world's largest web communities for musicians and hosts a massive online database of searchable independent music. In addition to web hosting, Broadjam offers song reviews, a popular Internet song contest process, and the highly acclaimed software METAJAM, used and celebrated by musicians and industry executives.

“I am very excited about the success of our web hosting service,” said Broadjam CEO Roy Elkins. “This technology empowers independent artists to take full advantage of the Internet to promote themselves and gain exposure for their music, and we’re pleased to offer these powerful new features – at the same price – for Broadjam’s clients.”

To learn more about Broadjam Web Hosting, please visit www.broadjam.com/hosting.

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