Web Host BuilderTech Selects SWsoft Data Center Automation Platform

June 1, 2005
June 1, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Web hosting automation and server virtualization software firm SWsoft today announced that new hosting service provider, BuilderTech, has selected SWsoft’s PEM data center automation platform to completely build out and manage its new web hosting business launching in the Fall of 2005.

“We’re building a state of the art data center from the ground up, and we’re standardizing on the PEM platform. PEM will help us deploy a wide variety of services including Windows shared hosting, Exchange and SharePoint as well as a full range of Linux-based services,” said David Tarasenko, founder and CEO, BuilderTech. “Following an extensive evaluation of solutions on the market, SWsoft offered the only platform and services team that met all of our requirements, and PEM dramatically accelerates our time to market.”

“PEM is the most comprehensive and flexible solution available and enables service providers, registrars, ISPs and Telcos to roll out innovative services quickly and reliably,” said Kurt Daniel, director of marketing, SWsoft. “With its unique vision, BuilderTech is a new provider to watch in establishing a robust data center that is powered by a fully customized, unified and capable infrastructure platform. PEM is the only solution with underlying architecture appropriate for larger providers to support thousands of services for millions of customers.”

PEM Advancing Data Center Automation

PEM is a carrier grade data center automation solution that includes a comprehensive Operations Support System (OSS) and a full Business Support System (BSS). The solution is a 3rd generation, distributed and multi-tier data center automation platform that is scalable to millions of customer accounts, customizable on all levels, extendable with custom modules and easily integrated with third-party systems and the customer's existing infrastructure.

PEM’s OSS provides centralized resource management, service provisioning and infrastructure management. The BSS components of PEM perform multi-tier resource usage accounting and billing. The OSS and BSS solutions are designed to be interoperable and tightly integrated but can be deployed and used independently.

PEM enhances service provider profitability by accelerating time to market, attracting, up-selling and retaining customers, enhancing provisioning and billing, and increasing operational efficiencies.

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