Web Host Colorblind Chameleon Comes Up with Winning Careers Contract

June 15, 2005
June 15, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Colorblind Chameleon, a new graphic design studio, announced that Winning Careers, LLC has selected the company to design, host and launch its new website. “My clients appreciate that I custom build websites, partnering with them to design a unique look and feel for their online presence,” says Ken Buras, creator of Colorblind Chameleon. The design of the new website is currently underway and is expected to be launched on Independence Day.

Colorblind Chameleon was created from the uncommon vision of Ken Buras. Ken uses this uncommon vision to provide more than design elements-- he uses it to provide design strategies. Located in Minneapolis, services include branding and web design solutions.

Winning Careers, LLC is a newly formed full-service career coaching and career transition company. John Coffey, Chief success Officer for Winning Careers states, “What Winning Careers, LLC does best is help you recognize your unique gifts and work to eliminate your real and perceived barriers to create the career you want and deserve!”

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