Web Host Covad Offers 'Naked DSL' Service

March 28, 2005
March 28, 2005- (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Web hosting provider and ISP Covad issued a press release announcing they will be able to continue to offer “naked DSL”. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued a ruling on March 25, 2005 that overturned several state PUC decisions requiring local phone companies to offer so called “naked DSL service” to customers who do not also order basic local phone service. Naked DSL allows customers to purchase stand-alone DSL high-speed Internet service over their phone line.

Covad Communications Group, Inc. (OTCBB:COVD), a leading national provider of integrated voice and data communications, offers “naked DSL” in the form of its dedicated-loop ADSL service, which has been sold since July 2004 and is used by thousands of customers on the company's nationwide DSL network.

Customers use Covad's dedicated-loop ADSL service for broadband access while using Voice over IP (VoIP) service or voice services from their wireless provider or competitive local voice provider.

“The FCC decision does not affect Covad's ability to offer its own Naked DSL service,” said James Kirkland, Covad senior vice president and general counsel. “In fact, it does not in any way prevent a customer from choosing a competitive DSL provider like Covad for broadband and VoIP services.”

David McMorrow, Covad executive vice president of sales, added: “Covad has been providing its dedicated-loop ADSL service to thousands of customers around the country who are using VoIP, their mobile phone or a competitive local service provider for their voice service and Covad for their DSL high-speed Internet access. Response to the service has been very positive and we continue to expand availability of the service so Bell customers and others who want a Naked DSL service have a high quality alternative.”

Speakeasy is also offering Covad's dedicated-loop ADSL service to home and business customers. With over 10,000 Naked DSL customers and growing, Naked DSL represents over 70% of Speakeasy's business and home market order volume. “Customers are voting with their dollars and joining Speakeasy to say good-bye to the phone company” said Speakeasy's president and CEO, Bruce Chatterley. “Customers of our Naked DSL service are people who use cell phones or VoIP as their primary phone service.”

Covad and its partner, Speakeasy, and are the only two companies nationwide offering Naked DSL as an alternative to Bell companies.

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