Web Host DiscountASP.NET and Advanced ASP.NET User Interface Components and .NET Reporting Solutions Provider Telerik Partner

April 18, 2008 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web host and Microsoft Gold Certified partner DiscountASP.NET (http://www.discountasp.net) and advanced ASP.NET user interface components and .NET reporting solutions provider Telerik (http://www.telerik.com) have partnered, it was announced recently.

"We specialize in ASP.NET hosting and are always interested in partnering with the vendors that provide our customers with the most useful tools that make their life easier and their sites stand out,” explained DiscountASP.NET’s Vice President of Marketing Takeshi Eto. "Telerik is a well known leader in UI components for rich user experiences.”

The agreement between the two organizations means DiscountASP.NET customers receive a $50 discount on Telerik RadControls and Reporting solutions, while Telerik users get 6 months free hosting for the first year of DiscountASP.NET’s base ASP.NET hosting annual plan.

“The DiscountASP.NET and Telerik partnership is a natural fit,” added Telerik’s VP Business Development, Nadia Terzieva. “DiscountASP.NET is focused on offering advanced ASP.NET hosting for developers and we provide the tools that take their web applications to the next level.”

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