Web Host DiscountASP.NET Extends IIS Manager with Global Assembly Cache Viewer Tool

July 1, 2008 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web host DiscountASP.NET (http://www.discountasp.net) has launched their third IIS Manager UI extension in public beta for customers.

Global Assembly Cache (GAC) Viewer module: This tool allows customers to view and obtain details of the server-side global assembly cache assemblies.

With the launch of Windows 2008 and Internet Information Services 7.0 (IIS7), Microsoft introduced IIS Manager, a new IIS administration tool which provides end users with a familiar user interface to remotely manage IIS7 server configurations. Using IIS Manager, DiscountASP.NET customers can view settings and manipulate their web.config files for features that have been delegated to them.

“One of our guiding principles is to provide our customers with maximum control over their hosting platform,” said Takeshi Eto, VP Marketing at DiscountASP.NET. “That is why we are very excited with new features in IIS7 that provide us with the ability to delegate website configurations to our customers and allow us to extend IIS Manager to address customer needs.”

The GAC viewer module displays details of the supported server-side assemblies, including Microsoft .NET Framework assemblies, and provides DiscountASP.NET customers with a way to check which versions of assemblies are available on their production web server as they develop their web applications, without having to contact Technical Support for this information.

“With the rapid pace of technology and the movement toward fully open alpha and beta software development, it is increasingly easy to have a local development environment get out-of-sync with a live production web hosting environment,” added Takeshi Eto. “With this new GAC viewer module, we wanted to make it easier for our customers to get details of the installed server-side assemblies, to help them avoid experiencing errors associated with version incompatibility.”

These new DiscountASP.NET IIS Manager UI extensions are launched as a public beta to get feedback from customers. To facilitate feedback submission, an IIS Manager Feedback module was introduced previously, where customers can send feedback and suggestions directly to DiscountASP.NET from within IIS Manager.

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