Web Host DiscountASP.NET Partners with Gizmox, the Developer of Visual WebGui

July 13, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – DiscountASP.NET, a leader in ASP.NET hosting, has announced a partnership with Gizmox, the developer of Visual WebGui, a comprehensive rich internet, Cloud & SaaS application platform that provides powerful, richer, and faster application development.

Under this partnership, DiscountASP.NET customers can receive a $50 discount on the Visual WebGui Professional studio. Visual WebGui users can get 6 months free hosting for the first year of DiscountASP.NET’s base ASP.NET hosting annual plan.

"DiscountASP.NET recognizes that Visual WebGui is a powerful platform and has built a large user base.” said DiscountASP.NET's Vice President of Marketing, Takeshi Eto. "We specialize in ASP.NET hosting and are always interested in partnerships that provide our customers with the most advanced tools that make their life easier and their web applications richer.”

Visual WebGui offers a series of open source products atop its innovative rich internet applications (RIA) platform, which together enable the unique Visual WebGui desktop-like developer experience that leads to the simplest, most cost-effective development and deployment of rich data centric applications on the web/cloud.

“The DiscountASP.NET and Visual WebGui partnership is a great fit,” said Roy Goffer, Online Marketing Manager of Gizmox. “DiscountASP.NET focuses on cutting-edge ASP.NET hosting while Visual WebGui deploys like a standard ASP.NET and provides tools to help developers and ease their efforts to bring their applications to life.”

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