Web Host DiscountASP.NET Partners with Richer Components

August 11, 2008 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web host DiscountASP.NET (http://www.discountasp.net) has announced that Richer Components' award-winning component, RichTextBox, and their new RichMessageBoard for ASP.NET, are available on DiscountASP.NET webservers at no additional cost.

The DiscountASP.NET and Richer Components partnership provides ASP.NET developers with access to leading ASP.NET components for building next-generation web applications. Customers can develop web applications using the component evaluation version on their local development environment and upon uploading to DiscountASP.NET webservers, the components will be fully functional.

Under this partnership, DiscountASP.NET customers can also receive a 15% discount on any purchase of Richer Components component suite. In addition, Richer Component users can get 6 months free hosting for the first year of DiscountASP.NET's base ASP.NET hosting annual plan.

"We now offer the latest RichTextBox and the new RichMessageBoard components on both our Windows 2008 hosting and Windows 2003 hosting platform." said DiscountASP.NET's Vice President of Marketing, Takeshi Eto. "Our goal is to work with leading component vendors to offer best of breed components on our ASP.NET web hosting environment, so that our customers have the tools to take their web applications to the next level."

RichTextBox can be used to add WYSIWYG textboxes to ASP.NET web applications giving users Microsoft Office style text and HTML editing capabilities with spell check and multilingual support. The new RichMessageBoard allows developers to drop in forums, comments, and ratings to any website page enabling a Web 2.0 experience. Both components also support a wide variety of backend database options.

"Our team has made significant updates to the Richer Components component suite and we wanted to work with an ASP.NET hosting leader to help bring them to market," said Allen Anderson, COO at Richer Components, Inc. "We also wanted to test our components on the new Windows 2008 hosting platform and DiscountASP.NET allowed us to experience deploying and using our components just as one of our customers would experience. We are thrilled to partner with DiscountASP.NET."

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