Web Host EUserv Offers New Dedicated Storage Servers

February 4, 2019
Web Host EUserv Offers New Dedicated Storage Servers
Web host EUserv has announced it is offering a new range of dedicated storage servers. EUserv is a division of ISPpro Internet KG and has headquarters in Jena, Germany. The company was established in January 2005 and offers a range of web hosting products and services including dedicated root servers, Virtual Private Servers (VPS ) and other “high availability services for professionals”. It owns two data centers and has around 55,000 residential and business customers. EUserv’s new “Filer v5” dedicated storage servers offer a storage capacity of between 24TB and 80TB.

Based on Supermicro mainboards, Filer v5 servers are designed for users “with a high demand of storage capacity and growing storage requirements”. The servers are equipped with Intel XEON E3 or E5 processors as well as ECC RAM. Four server models are available, including Solid State Disk (SSD) options. ‘Filer 24T’ offers 4x 6 TB hard disks, while ‘Filer 40T’ provides 4x 10TB hard disks. ‘Filer 80T’ offers 8x 10TB hard disks with a Hardware Raid Controller, while ‘Filer 8T SSD’ has four SSD's with 2TB for high I/O throughput. Each version offers root access. Costs start at just under €60 ($68.74) per month.

“EUserv offers over 100 different operating systems for automatic installation,” explained a company press release. “The devices are compatible with VMware or XEN servers and provide a high degree of flexibility with optional services such as Failover-IP. In this way, multiple servers in a VLAN and a separate IP network can be interconnected to build up your own storage network”.

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