Web Host Fozzy Inc. Launches Fozzy Preferred Partner Program

February 25, 2013
Web Host Fozzy Inc. Launches Fozzy Preferred Partner Program
Web host Fozzy Inc. has announced the launch of its Fozzy Preferred Partner Program. In launching its service the Wilmington, Delaware company (part of XBT Holding Ltd.), whose services include Forex VPS services in Linux and Windows, virtual hosting and web hosting in the United States, Europe and Asia, aims to provide seamless VPS Integration between Forex brokers and their clients.

Fozzy Inc.'s service enables Fozzy Preferred Partner Program members to utilize dedicated Fozzy Forex VPS servers and connect back-office software to its API for issues such as billing integration. The service allows brokers to provide VPS options to clients which are automatically provisioned, reducing a broker's workload, and enabling quicker customer deployment.

Brokers who are part of the Fozzy Preferred Partner Program, and who refer customers to Fozzy Inc., now receive a 25% discount on the services they purchase.

"Fozzy's mission has always been fast and reliable hosting," explained Business Development Director at Fozzy Inc., Dmitry Filatov. "To that end we have focused on speed across our service offerings, from instant setup, fast connections and website loads, to immediate customer support. The Fozzy Preferred Partner Program not only gives Forex brokers reliable Forex VPS, it also provides seamless integration between them, our VPS solutions, and their clients. For the first time, partners can deploy Fozzy VPS services at a client instantly with only a few mouse clicks."

Since launch in March 2012 Fozzy Inc. has signed up more than 1,500 customers and acquired over 250 affiliates. The company's VPS servers are housed in the same data center as key stock exchange brokerages including HotForex, ForexClub, NordFX, LiteForex, and MasterForex. Fozzy Forex VPS customers benefit from low latency (<1 ms. for colo brokers) and a highly secure environment with ongoing technical support.

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