Web Host Go Daddy’s Super Bowl Commercial "Most-Watched"

February 4, 2009
February 4, 2009 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - A commercial web host Go Daddy (http://www.godaddy.com/) ran during the recent Super Bowl was the "most-watched" Super Bowl commercial, it was reported by TiVo, Inc. recently. Go Daddy's fourth-quarter spot, which the company suggests was purchased from NBC just two days before the broadcast, had “far more viewership than any other commercial in the most-watched Super Bowl of all time”.

"Our gamble paid off - in spades," explained Bob Parsons, CEO and Founder of Go Daddy. Nielsen estimated an average of 98.7 million people watched this year’s Super Bowl and saw Go Daddy's "Baseball" ad (also called "Enhancement") which was aired in the game’s two-minute warning break. The commercial featured Danica Patrick in what the company called a “spoof of baseball's steroids scandal”. It was condemned as being "lower than Go Daddy's usual low," by AdWeek critic Barb Lippert.

"When the critics panned our ad, I knew we had a winner! Now, it is official, the people have spoken... in a way that really counts...with their remotes and more importantly, their wallets. In all seriousness, the best ‘win' for Go Daddy this year is the boost in business generated by both our commercials. When you get right down to it, advertising is all about driving sales, right?" suggested Mr. Parsons.

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