Web Host GoDaddy is Providing Support for GoDaddy Olympic Boxer Cheavon Clarke

Web Host GoDaddy is Providing Support for GoDaddy Olympic Boxer Cheavon Clarke
Web host GoDaddy Inc. (GoDaddy) has announced that it will partner with the British Olympic Association (BOA) for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. The Games, officially called the Games of the XXXII Olympiad, are scheduled to take place from 23 July to 8 August 2021 in Tokyo, Japan after their cancellation due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. The event retains its ‘Tokyo 2020’ title to ensure continuity and for marketing and branding reasons.

The initial steps of the partnership will see GoDaddy support British Olympic boxer and former European silver medallist, Cheavon Clarke. GoDaddy will turn the boxer’s “entrepreneurial dreams” into reality by establishing a website that highlights his ‘Level Up’ clothing brand.

Mr. Clarke is a GoDaddy Ambassador and ranked number five in the world as a heavyweight. GoDaddy will support his ‘Level Up Nation’ “side hustle” – a clothing line he started to support his boxing ambitions. The line had only been available through social media before the web host’s involvement. The website highlights Level Up Nation’s clothing catalog which includes “branded hoodies, t-shirts, and other merchandise”.

Mr. Clarke will use his platform “as a force for good in the community” and “help young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and sees the expansion of the Level Up brand as the next stage of his entrepreneurial journey”. “I have always been entrepreneurial, from selling chocolate at school to now running my own clothing label,” explained Mr. Clarke. “The Level Up mentality is to start and grow. Challenging yourself by being consistent and persistent even in hard times, knowing you’re doing your best to reach the next level. That message has never been more relevant, and I’m pleased to be on this journey with GoDaddy – a brand that has the same philosophy".

“There are many parallels between running a business and boxing,” he added. “Neither is a smooth ride. You have ups and downs, and it’s the attitude and the mindset you have when you’re down that counts – you can just lie there, or you can Level Up and come back stronger. Persistence is everything.”

“Ultimately, every athlete is a small business,” added GoDaddy UK and Ireland’s Managing Director Sakshi Anand. “Thousands of professional athletes compete each year without major corporate sponsorship and we want to help nurture their talent and give them all the tools and help to succeed online.” He added, “GoDaddy wishes the entire team well as they complete their training for Tokyo 2020.”

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