Web Host GoDaddy is Supporting Microsoft’s Outlook Premium Testing

Web Host GoDaddy is Supporting Microsoft’s Outlook Premium Testing
Web host GoDaddy is supporting Microsoft’s Outlook Premium testing. GoDaddy, which has headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, United States, was established in 1997. The company is recognized as being one of the biggest providers of hosting and domain names globally. A household name in the United States, GoDaddy was made famous by its risqué Super Bowl commercials which often starred “GoDaddy Girls” in various stages of undress. The company’s services extend to Office 365 options. Outlook Premium is an ads-free version of Microsoft’s cloud-based communication and collaboration solution, Outlook.com.

Outlook Premium offers users an enhanced Outlook.com experience. Available for $3.99 per month it will allow subscribers enhanced calendar sharing alongside five “personalized” email addresses. In addition, there will no longer be an ongoing requirement for users to regularly sign into an account to ensure it avoids termination (as there is with the free version of the solution). GoDaddy is providing the hosting for the trial.

Those who are interested in the service can apply for an invite to the Outlook Premium trial by clicking here. The trail offers a year’s free service before the monthly $3.99 payments kick in. Bearing in mind this is a trial, the stated pricing may change at a later date. Given the limited changes from the free Outlook.com service, this pricing might already prove excessive, especially as Outlook.com adverts are far from intrusive. Likewise the robust Office 365 service is available at only $9.99 per month.

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