Web Host GoDaddy Sponsors AdoptOpenJDK

January 22, 2019
Web Host GoDaddy Sponsors AdoptOpenJDK
Web host GoDaddy has announced its sponsorship of AdoptOpenJDK - an Open Source initiative that provides a repository of scripts, website code, and machine configurations. GoDaddy has head offices in Scottsdale, Arizona, United States. The company is world's largest domain name registrar and a leading provider of hosting services. It specializes in providing SMEs and startups in countries worldwide with a cost effective web presence that doesn’t require a developer to establish or IT staff to manage. It is part of the GoDaddy Group which includes brands like Wild West Domains, Inc., Domains by Proxy and Blue Razor Domains. GoDaddy’s sponsorship of AdoptOpenJDK underscores its commitment to Open Source initiatives.

AdoptOpenJDK is a community of Java users providing prebuilt OpenJDK binaries and GoDaddy’s sponsorship of the organization will see it become AdoptOpenJDK's main technology provider. GoDaddy’s sponsorship will include “in-kind hosting and infrastructure services” and see the company transition its solutions to OpenJDK - an Open Source Java alternative. This move highlights the company’s support of a free and open internet. GoDaddy’s support mirrors support from other major players including Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM, Microsoft, and Slack.

"GoDaddy supports an open access Internet because our 18 million customers depend on the open and equal nature of the Internet to compete with enterprises and corporations with more resources," explained GoDaddy’s Chief Technology Officer, Charles Beadnall. "With this sponsorship, we're proud to provide further support for open-source software and our community of entrepreneur customers."

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