Web Host GoDaddy Suggests Majority of Australian Small Businesses Have No Website

February 6, 2019
Web Host GoDaddy Suggests Majority of Australian Small Businesses Have No Website
Web host GoDaddy has suggested that the majority of small businesses in Australia do not have a website. With global headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, United States, GoDaddy is a household name in many countries. It specializes in offering SMEs tools (such as website builders and hosting) required to develop a web presence that is both effective and cost-effective. Established in 1997, GoDaddy has offices in several countries and provides services in local languages. Its research indicates that a staggering 59% of Australian small businesses do not have any type of website.

GoDaddy’s research took in 425 small business owners in various parts of Australia. The main reason companies gave for not having a website was that they were too small to need one (44%). Expense was also cited as an issue (30%) and lack of manpower to build or manage a site another (17%). However, of the companies that do not have sites, 47% are thinking about establishing one in the next year, and the same number would do so if the process was deemed inexpensive. Another 39% would go ahead if the process was “quick and easy” and 36% would go ahead if they a website builder was available and they could build a site themselves. The research also suggested that 61% of those companies with a website believe it might have contributed up to 25% of their business growth.

While GoDaddy’s research is alarming, it is even more alarming when other factors are taken into consideration. Other research suggests that two-thirds of Australians would not consider dealing with a small business if it had no website. “Over 2 million small businesses are the backbone of Australia’s economy and many are missing out on growth opportunities that can be realised by building a professional website,” explained Tara Commerford, the Vice President and Managing Director of GoDaddy ANZ in a statement. “More education and support is needed, which is why a key focus for GoDaddy is making going online approachable and helping small businesses embrace digital opportunities by demonstrating how quick and easy it really is to build a website.”

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