Web Host Hostinger and SEO Company MarketGoo Form Partnership

Web Host Hostinger and SEO Company MarketGoo Form Partnership
Web host Hostinger and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company MarketGoo have formed a partnership. Hostinger, which has headquarters in Kaunas, Lithuania, was established in 2004. The company specializes in web hosting, Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and domain registration. It caters to “over 29 million customers worldwide” with services that “empower everyone to establish an online presence effortlessly and without breaking the bank”. Hostinger’s partnership with MarketGoo will allow it to offer customers cost-effective SEO tools and services.

MarketGoo, which has headquarters in Madrid, Spain, was established in 2012. The company’s services are “designed with non-technical customers in mind” and help users “grow their businesses by providing easy SEO tools to increase their traffic and rank higher in search engines”. MarketGoo is also available as a white label solution and the company generally partners with hosting, telecommunication and other providers trying to “enhance their value-added portfolios”. MarketGoo will now underpin Hostinger’s ‘SEO Toolkit Pro’ which is designed to generate reports and custom plans for SERP improvements that result in higher ranking in search engines like Google.

“Offering search engine optimization tools to our customers is in line with our customer-centric approach, and something we are sure will help us on our mission of making life easier for our customers,” explained Hostinger’s CEO, Balys Kriksciunas. “Hostinger customers can now generate comprehensive SEO audits, download reports and act upon easy-to-read results and instructions that will help guide their digital strategy”.

“We immediately connected with Hostinger over our shared aim of helping people succeed online, and because we have similar approaches to shaping our company cultures. It was important for them to help their customers improve traffic and search engine results in an intuitive way and we’re thrilled we could help them achieve this,” added MarketGoo’s CEO Wences García.

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