Web Host Hostwadi Implements IPv6

February 12, 2016
Web Host Hostwadi Implements IPv6
Web host Hostwadi Inc (Hostwadi) has announced its successful implementation of IPv6. Hostwadi, which has headquarters in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, offers a wide range of web hosting products and services including Windows or Linux-based cloud, shared, reseller, and Virtual Private Servers (VPS) hosting alongside dedicated server options and collocation. The company also offers domain name registration and email hosting. All services are underpinned by ongoing support and Hostwadi operates a data center in Riyadh. The company caters to a global customer base which include companies of a range of sizes. IPv6 is available for the company’s dedicated hosting, VPS and colocation options.

IPv6 is an Internet address is the most recent Internet Protocol version. 128-bit in length, IPv6 provides identification and location for computers on networks across the Internet. It takes over from IPv4 and was introduced because the number of domain addresses available to end users was close to depletion under IPv4. IPv6 and IPv4 will work alongside each other on Hostwadi’s infrastructure.

IPv6 offers efficient network routing and enhanced security. In addition, it offers enhanced resiliency and better connectivity. It is a much better option as far as data confidentiality, integrity, and authentication are concerned.

“We are excited to enhance our infrastructure with IPv6 because we are a cutting-edge technological company, always looking to stay ahead of the curve,” explained Hostwadi’s Director of Operations, Muhammad Amin. "Deploying IPv6 ensures the Internet continues to grow and is essential for businesses that want to grow with it."

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