Web Host Hostworks Parlays Hosting Plan into $6.1 Million Support Deal

August 17, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Web hosting provider Hostworks has come up with $6.1 million reasons to provide good customer service today, announcing that it has signed a deal to provide the backend systems for Ticketek’s call center and agency outlets in Australia and New Zealand.

Computerworld reported earlier that Hostworks has been hosting the ticketing agency's Web channel since 1999. While anyone with the wherewithal to sign up for a reseller hosting plan can get into the web hosting game it’s the companies that provide a face for their company in the form of excellent customer service that land contracts such as the $6.1 million deal Hostworks has signed.

Often, customer support is the only human contact a customer has with a company and a surly or ill-informed customer service tech can give the company a horrible image to it’s clients even though the data center might be cutting edge and the management and marketing are all top-notch. To the end user, none of that is visible what-so-ever.

Congratulations to Hostworks for parlaying a web hosting deal into a major new business venture.

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