Web Host InetServices Adds Dell’s PowerVault MD3000 and MD3000i

December 23, 2009
December 23, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web hosting provider InetServices announced today it is now offering both the Dell PowerVault MD3000 direct attached storage array and the MD3000i high-performance iSCSI storage area network array.

InetServices has been offering the Dell PowerVault MD1000 disk storage array for more two years but has found some customers are now looking for the added benefits of the newer MD3000. The MD3000 comes with a powerful storage management interface that can help automatically configure the system for optimal performance. The MD3000 as 15 availablel drive slots for a total storage capacity up to 15TB and two additional MD1000 expansion enclosures can be added for a total of 45TB. InetServices will be offering both the 300GB 15K RPM drives and the new 1TB 7.2K RPM Nearline SAS drives.

The price for the MD1000 starts at $299/mo and the MD3000 starts at $499/mo.

Also reacting to customer demand, InetServices is now offering a dedicated iSCSI SAN with Dell’s PowerVault MD3000i network storage array. The MD3000i is ideal for multi-server environments such as our recently announced virtual private data center (private cloud) offering. Using SCSI Ethernet technology, the MD3000i can connect up to 16 servers using a Gigabit Ethernet switch which eliminates the need to build out a costly fiber channel infrastructure. The MD3000i also has 15 available drive slots and can be expanded with two MD1000 expansion enclosures for up to 45TB of storage capacity.

The price for the MD300i starts at $599/mo.

About InetServices:

InetServices is the leading provider of affordable high performance dedicated servers, managed dedicated servers, and cloud computing. The company focus is small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that require high-performance, high-reliability, and 24 / 7 live customer support, but don't have the budget of a large enterprise. InetServices hosts thousands of SMBs from over 52 countries worldwide. Backed by an enterprise-class network and a state-of-the-art SAS70 Type II certified data center, InetServices provides a competitive advantage necessary for businesses to compete.

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