Web Host Insomnia365 to Offer Clustered Game Servers

March 19, 2005
March 19, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Insomnia365, the advanced game hosting division of The Planet, announced today that its customers will have the ability to link their Insomnia365 servers together through the company's newly deployed clustering service. This new feature, in the proprietary Cortex control panel, allows customers to configure and control multiple game servers through a single interface.

"As the world's most advanced gaming community, Insomnia365 has always offered our customers a truly progressive gaming experience," said Sassan Dibadj, Product Manager for Insomnia365. "With the addition of clustering to Cortex, Insomnia365 customers can easily manage the growth of their servers with the click of a button."

Server clustering allows easy creation and management of both users and game server ports across multiple physical servers. Instance transferring allows game ports to be moved, along with configuration information, across servers in the cluster. Insomnia365 customers will be able to use these exclusive features to control multiple servers and provide a better gaming experience throughout.

By offering customers their own dedicated servers, as well as the ability to install, uninstall, and use the games available to them, Insomnia365 gives users full control over their gaming experience. Insomnia365 customers also benefit from The Planet's 24/7 award-winning support and full-featured Orbit(SM) customer portal.

According to Mr. Dibadj, the clustering service also provides multi-server monitoring and reporting advantages. "From running network diagnostics from any server to a target address or getting information on the state of any server on the cluster, customers have complete control of their combined resources," he said.

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