Web Host Last Digital Launches New Mail Service

April 13, 2005
April 13, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Last Digital, a British web hosting company, has launched its newest development in web mail service, known as WebMailMe.com. The extra storage WebMailMe.com service is believed may create customer’s professionalism, where it would enable customers to send and receive email anytime by using their own domain name and it is also effortless to use compared to other emailing services. This service may ease customers’ day to day activities by combining and differentiating the business together with personal contacts.

The latest WebMailMe.com service features include:
- Personal address book
- Import/export your contacts
- Vacation auto responder
- Custom signatures
- Search previous email option

The system improvement shows that Last Digital will never stop to search for the customer contentment recipe. It is believed that the WebMailMe.com as being a user-friendly tool, it would make the website more content, full of options and fun to use.

One of the features is known as Preferences option, where customers can define themselves under the personal information preference, controls the email preferences such as number messages displayed at once, whether to display HTML or plain text in HTML email, Folder preferences, and message rules and mail account polling.

The WebMailMe.com also offers 13 more additional language options, including French, German, Chinese, Turkish, Italian, Spanish and Russian next to English by considering not only the Europe but also the Asia.

The WebMailMe.com service is only the beginning of their marketing strategy. They might launch other services in months to come which can potentially attract customers from any level to use their services and they are ready for it as more research and development are being done from time to time. This year, Last Digital has taken high risk, big changes to boost their company profile and hoping that the gross profit will rose by end of this year.

“The company is expanding and as the technology is growing faster, we think that it is important not only to provide or offer but to understand how the technology is being used by human today is crucial.” said Polat Alper, CEO of the company. “As we can see, 10 years ago people always thought of how to penetrate the market but nowadays we have to look on how to web the market. With this advancement, it will be our commitment to provide total benefit to our customers.”

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