Web Host LCN.com Offers Free Web Design Software

January 22, 2009
January 22, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web host LCN.com is offering free web design software, it was announced recently. The company has made a strategic partnership with leading desktop publishing software provider Serif and is now offering the Serif WebPlus X2 Website Builder Software for free to customers of its “Starter” and “Dynamic” web hosting plans.

“We’ve chosen to partner with Serif because WebPlus X2 really stands out amongst its competitors by enabling users to create fantastic sites with no prior design experience and no need to use any HTML or other code,” explained LCN.com’s Managing Director, Mark Boost. “Combining powerful and professional LCN hosting with Serif WebPlus X2 is a fantastic opportunity for users to make the most of the award winning web hosting packages offered by LCN.com.”

WebPlus X2 does not require programming code and users can design and maintain websites “rich in animated photo galleries, podcasts and YouTube videos, Flash animations, and password-protected pages”.

“LCN.com web hosting and WebPlus X2 are award-winning solutions at the forefront of their respective industries,” explained Head of Business Development at Serif, Ellie Dyke. “We look forward to cementing a successful partnership and providing LCN.com customers with the right tools to achieve fantastic websites without headaches.”

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