Web Host Limestone Networks to Expand and Hire in 2009

February 17, 2009
February 17, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Despite an economic downturn, web host Limestone Networks is to expand and hire in 2009, it was reported recently. The company plans to hire “several hundred new staff” over the next two years and is considering new facilities in Dallas, Texas, USA.

“While many companies are scaling back and laying people off, our company is experiencing phenomenal growth,” explained Gary Kendall, the company’s CEO. “In fact, we have seen a sales and revenue increase that is more than 300% above last year’s numbers month over month.”

“Companies still need to be online, and a lot of new business is coming from people who have been laid off and are starting up their own businesses,” added Mr. Kendall. “Because of our growth, we expect to bring several hundred new technology jobs to the city over the next couple of years”

Mr. Kendall suggested his growing company needed more office space and is currently reviewing options ranging from expanded facilities in downtown Dallas where we already have space or perhaps one of the technology friendly northern suburbs.

“We are very pleased with our current Data Center space downtown and have no plans to move that facility,” he suggested. “The current facility features all-fiber connectivity to the Internet, the latest in power, cooling and security systems and is probably the most secure data centre in commercial use. Our real need is for our rapidly expanding office and support staff”.

“There are a lot of factors to be weighed,” said Kendall. “We like being in the downtown area because it’s a dynamic environment with many advantages for business. But lease rates are lower in the technology parks and they frequently offer incentives to relocate, so we’ll just have to decide what’s best for our company over the long run.” Kendall’s executive team is in discussions with several suburbs to see what incentives may be offered.

Limestone Networks, Inc. (LSN) is a leading provider of Self-Managed Dedicated Hosting. The Dallas based company offers cutting edge, affordable, and easily scalable dedicated server solutions to small medium and enterprise (SME) clients who demand top performance and a solid network. VPS & WEB hosting companies, hosting resellers, and corporations of all sizes rely on the ‘Simple, Solid, Superior’ network which includes the Limestone Private Tunnel, a fully-routed, private back-end network, which securely links all LSN dedicated servers together, providing unlimited, un-metered, on-demand scalability and virtual private racks.

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