Web Host Locaweb Improves Performance and Bottom Line with Avere’s FXT Series Edge Filers

July 11, 2013
Web Host Locaweb Improves Performance and Bottom Line with Avere’s FXT Series Edge Filers
Web host Locaweb has improved performance and its bottom line by utilizing Avere’s FXT Series Edge filers for data storage optimization. The company, South America’s largest web host, adopted Avere’s data storage solutions to support unprecedented growth and has seen a twofold increase in storage utilization since doing so.

Established in 1998, Locaweb caters for 500,000 websites on severs located at its two data centers in Brazil, and a center in Miami, Florida. The company experiences 40% growth on an annual basis. This rate of growth has, however, spurred a "NAS sprawl" problem for Locaweb, making adding storage in a strategic fashion problematic. With the assistance of network-attached storage (NAS) optimization specialist Avere, Locaweb is able to support its level of growth without having to invest in additional hardware.

Locaweb's migration to Avere solutions was based on the results of an evaluation of a number of potential providers. The company initially engaged Avere to "consolidate and simplify the management of thousands of storage appliances and drives into a single global namespace". Avere went on improve Locaweb’s performance by tiering active data to high-performance FXT Series Edge filers. The results were an 100% increase in Locaweb's data center's storage capability.

“Managing all of these independent storage appliances was a difficult endeavor and time consuming,” explained Locaweb's CTO, Sal Jamil. “We required a solution that would allow us to sustain Locaweb’s growth without buying more storage server hardware, while driving greater management of all of our devices.”

“With Avere, we have 100 percent better utilization of our storage and linear scalability of performance which combine to make our data center highly dense and efficient,” added Locaweb's Storage Architect, Marcelo Leal. “We can support our 40 percent year over year growth without adding more hardware. Avere Edge filers have been a great solution for us. Spending less money on storage frees up our budget for strategic purchases. Avere positively impacts our bottom line.”

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