Web Host Managed.com and Website Maintenance and Support Provider DeskPal form Partnership

February 18, 2016
Web Host Managed.com and Website Maintenance and Support Provider DeskPal form Partnership
Web host Managed.com and website maintenance and support provider DeskPal have formed a partnership. Managed.com, which has headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska, United States, specializes in managed website hosting and its offerings include shared, cloud, dedicated, and enterprise hosting. It caters to predominantly business customers of a range of sizes with Content Management System (CMS) platforms for website development.

DeskPal, whose headquarters are based in Ontario, Canada, bills itself as empowering business owners to “build their business without worrying about their websites”. The company’s specialties include WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla! hosting and support. Through the partnership “mutual customers” will gain access to “premier hosting and support” alongside expert help on “the overall performance” of their sites. In addition, new DeskPal customers receive a “40% discount for up to 3 months of services through the Managed.com offering”.

"Today's websites are complex and ever changing, making it challenging for our clients to remain current with the latest updates,” explained Managed.com President J.R. Brooks. “We are proud to partner with DeskPal and offer our clients additional resources to help maintain the health and continuity of their sites. Managed.com is committed to providing the best 24/7/365 web hosting services and support and our DeskPal partnership compliments our efforts by giving our clients access to webmaster services that can help them stay up-to-date."

"Our goal is to take the burden of managing and keeping your sites up to date, so you can focus on your core business," added DeskPal’s President, Aderson Oliveira. "We are pleased to partner with Managed.com and offer services to their client base that may need assistance with maintenance and small tasks to keep their websites healthy."

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