Web Host Michelonia Moves into European and SE Asian Markets

June 28, 2005
June 28, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Now that Michelonia has found it's niche as a low cost, high quality web hosting provider, able to provide websites in a number of languages, they are following their desire to broaden horizons, by offering services in other countries such Slovenia, Thailand, Italy, Greece, Germany, Vietnam, Poland and Pakistan through high quality resellers. Some persons, from within those countries, have contacted Michelonia and exclusivity possibilities are being discussed with a number of the small firms

The CEO, Michael Glatz, of Michelonia, who was at the spearhead of the last dot.com revolution by being one of the first ISP's in northern Italy in early 1994, states “I see another dot.com boom on the horizon and now is the time to join hands with people in other countries, helping them to overcome the difficulties, so that they too can enjoy the rewards of what is to come. Some of these are markets are severely limiting, due to language, cultural restrictions or with problems that can only be overcome by someones presence in the region” stated Glatz.

Michelonia did not want this to become a franchise offer, nor solely an expansion of Michelonia, but, rather the building of a network of, one supplier with numerous outlets, operating in numerous languages, within many diverse cultures.

One young Slovenian man, Miha Godesa, saw the opportunity and took up the challenge. Effective 15 July 2005, Miha will officially launch http://www.michelonia-slovenia.com Miha stated that Michelonia was helpful, by providing the needed domain, adequate web space and waving the startup fee until later, when the small start-up Slovenian firm has a chance to have some clients in their portfolio and was in a financial position to spend money. It should be noted that although many hosting providers advertise as being in Slovenia, many are in fact foreign firms that operating remotely from within other countries. This does little to help strengthen the local economy and provide the confidence in the foreign IT infrastructure. “A man on the ground is better equipped to deal with local problems and concerns that small businesses are likely to have when shopping for such services” said Miha Godesa.

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